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I was contacted by one of Nigeria and West Africa's most renowned energy companies to lead its rebrand from start to finish. I was handed a blank slate to usher their brand into a cleaner, sustainable, inclusive and conscious future. 

The project required me to conduct in-depth research for local, historical and global comparison. Ultimately, the result was a revamped BellPoint Energies ready to take over the future planet. 

01. Research & Development

Oil service companies provide services to the oil and gas industry. These services include drilling and formation evaluation, well construction, and completion services, however oil field service companies do not typically produce petroleum themselves.

That being said, they have no limitations to where they can grow to and how they can pivot their business. Many Oil drilling firms started out as servicing companies.

The first step was to understand where BellPoint Energy stood and where BellPoint Energies had to stand in comparison with the world. 

With that understanding, I proceeded to construct the logo from the core elements that make up the BellPoint Philosophy and story. 

02. The Brand Design

Futuristic, inclusive, functional.....well, let's have fun then. 

Branding 3.png
Branding 1.png
Branding 4.png
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