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Fluid Inc :

Fluid is a human device interaction platform. 

Imagine operating your laptop, phone, tablet, desktop, smart tv, or self serve kiosk without touching them r using a mouse or keyboard. 

Fluid makes it real. 

This is Fluid's branding.

Fluid logo evo.gif

Defining the product

Before any design was made, we had to define what Fluid is and what properties make up it's identity and culture. These ended up being the brand's values.

Distilled into simple word pairs that define the behavior of the product through it's brand.  

Fluid values.png

Exploring ideas

This is always the most crucial but also grueling part of the process. Going through tons of revisions to find something that will definitively be what Fluid is. 

This project took a total of 60 concepts that were explored before the final mark was concluded on.


Hero monogram

The puppet F won the race. And it was chosen as the official Fluid monogram.

monogram win.png

A glimpse of the brand manual

No required application or element of the Fluid brand was left out in creating the 45 page brand manual.


Real Life application

The logo has to be able to exist in the real world where it actually exists.

On technology hardware, software interfaces, advertisement etc.


And Fluid came to life

check out the Fluid website here

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